For any organization working hard to make a difference in the community, partnerships are essential. By working with local employers, academic institutions, and other outreach groups T-PEP will be able to provide free technology education to help improve the professional opportunities of Philadelphia students.

However, we need your support. 

While even the smallest financial donation helps us to achieve our mission, we also greatly need the help of tech-savy individuals who could teach our curriculum, or others to just spread the word of T-PEP. The more people who can donate their time and speak about what we are doing, the more difference we can make.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting T-PEP, please click here to get involved.

List of Current Sponsors

Mercy Neighborhood Ministries of Philadelphia (http://www.mercyneighbors.org/)​
RSVP of Montgomery County (www.rsvpmc.org)