Partner Schools

As we all know, higher education and professional expertise have become the primary determinants of sucess and prosperity for individuals in our society. While the decision to pursue such endeavors is the result of multiple factors, the attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge shaped in high school often serve as the foundation for professional decisions made later in life. 

By working with local Philadelphia high schools, T-PEP seeks to educate students on the wealth of opportunities afforded to them when armed with only a small amount of technological expertise in the fields of computer programming and software design. 

Unfortunately, many schools lack the resources to teach these subjects. Thiis situation prevents students from learning a subject which can be more initially gratifying and accessible than others. It also has immediate professional applications which can help to further encourage interest and support from potential students.

If you think T-PEP could benefit your school or if you would like to learn more, please click here.

List of Partner Schools

Mastery Charter Schools Thomas Campus (