T-PEP is currently looking for volunteers to teach our computer programming and web development curriculum in Philadelphia high schools. We greatly value and appreciate the time given by volunteers and will work to accomodate each volunteer's schedule. 

If you have software development experience or are currently studying computer programming related subjects in college, please consider applying to one of our positions below.

To apply, send an email to Brendan.Harnett@t-pep.org expressing your interest or call (215)-806-9062.

Lead Instructor/Volunteer Manager

T-PEP is seeking a potential staff member who would be interested in helping us shape and teach the T-PEP curriculum while managing volunteer instructors. We would like this individual to possess the following:

  • Desire to be a T-PEP core team member dedicated to achieving the organization's mission
  • Ability to multi-task and manage organizational resources to ensure all T-PEP classes are adequately prepared
  • Knowledge of technology concepts included in the T-PEP curriculum (found here)
  • Fluent in English with strong communication skills necessary for teaching high school aged youth

This position will require a larger time investment than a typical volunteer instructor although the individual filing the role will have the opportunity to play an integral part in the growth and management of the organization as a whole.

Volunteer Instructor

To help teach the T-PEP curriculum, we are looking for people with software development experience and communication skills necessary for teaching in schools. Specifically the position will require the following:

  • Availability to teach at a Philadelpiha after school program bewteen 4-6pm for at least one weekday (Mon-Fri)
  • Experience with computer programming either professionally or personally (both industry developers and college students are welcome to apply)
  • Knowledge of technology concepts included in the T-PEP curriculum  (found here)

Those who do not have web development experience but who have a strong computer programming background are also encouraged to apply provided they have a willingness to learn web design fundamentals.