Program Details

T-PEP currently runs at two locations: Mastery Charter School and Mercy Neighborhood Ministries

 The Mercy Neighborhood Ministries program consists of core technology principles instruction and HTML programming as well. The general student consists of adults who aim to learn or relearn computer technology in pursuit of employment or further education.

The Mastery Charter School academic offering will consist of computer programming instruction held in an after school setting at under resourced Philadelphia high schools. The program will initially be taught to high school juniors and seniors since the curriculum will be most relevant for students starting to consider higher education and future career opportunities.

To enter the Mastery Charter School program, students must fill out an application to demonstrate inherent interest. Students who graduate from the initial course will also receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to participate in future T-PEP courses.

Initial Curriculum

While computer programming and web development will serve as the core technical subjects taught through the curriculum, an equally important priority will be to educate students on the wealth of opportunities afforded to those with analytical and technical expertise. 

More details about topics taught in the curriculum can be found here.

Class Schedule

Depending on the school, T-PEP after school sessions wll start between 3pm and 4pm and end between 5pm and 6pm. These two hour class sessions will be held twice a week and consist of lectures, in-class project work, and homework assignments.

Career Guidance and Experience

T-PEP will also provide resources and guidance to help students pursue further education in technology and/or to secure a professional internship with a local organization. These goals will be achieved by actively helping students network with these organizations and develop their own professional relationships.

Such guidance and mentorship wlil be a key component of the T-PEP offering, since students will more readily appreciate the material in the curriculum if they can immediately see the benefit and practical application of technology skills.